Saturday, November 28, 2009

filling you guys in...

I don't really update my blog too friquently as you guys might have noticed. I keep coming back every few months and writing what happened during the amount of time that I didn't blog. Then I tell you that I will blog more frequently and stuff... And then... I don't. You see, I know that I am a busy man, I know that most people don't care about what I do and shake their heads as I attempt to make up funny jokes. But hear ye this... I will now start blogging more frequently, (For real this time) my jokes will probably never improve, and I will start adding more pictures and crap. Oh yeah I was supposed to fill you in...

Ok... after Halloween I allowed my candy to last for a mere..... week. Then I hung out at me house, went to buddies houses (Yes, I have friends), and worked at my apple sorting job, until Thanksgiving....

Then for Thanksgiving I went to my grandmother's house. She lives in Vancouver Canada, so the drive isn't too bad. Then we ate Thanksgiving dinner. (Did you know that Canadian bacon is JUST HAM) It was very delicious. I ate most of the rolls. Then we went around the table and said what we were thankful for. There was some tearing up from the group. I thought that we were acting too somber, so when it came to me I said.... "I am thankful for bacon and hot girls!"

The End


  1. Grampa said he knew you liked bacon and hot women by the picture of Miss Piggy in the hot tube with you that hangs in your family room.

  2. My grown up son told me that my other son once ate ALL of his candy on Halloween night. I mean it was a pillow case of candy! He didn't throw up and I don't know how he didn't. He is also the son that ate a whole cube of butter and that, of course, was reported to me years later by, you guessed it, my other son, the tattle tale.